Counting Bodies Like Sheep
What I did was not for sexual pleasure. Rather it brought me some peace of mind.
Andrei Chikatilo, on why he killed.

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Gunshot to the finger

I think the way you’ve been kissing and telling is cute. Was our night together a night to remember? I wonder if you were as ecstatic as I was over the whole situation. I can’t quite get the way you looked at me out of my head. I can’t get over how surreal it was to watch you worship my body. Such a silly little boy, It’s just sweet to know you’ve thought of me, and we both damn well know how jealous everyone is of you, it’s awesome that you brag. But you’re a lucky little fucker, don’t you dare forget.

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Opiate addiction is like going to heaven. And once you’ve been to heaven, anything else is hell.

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